September 18, 2012


beanies are quite challenging to make, but i really like how this turned out! i always thought that pom-poms are cute, so i was sure to add one to the beanie as well.

size: made to match the circumference of your head

yarn: acrylic

price: 60 RON

can be custom made in (almost) any colour, with bigger or smaller pom-poms.
please allow 6-8 days for processing!


my "signature" model. this simple cowl is perfect to keep you warm and in good spirits.

length: approx. 66 cm
width: approx. 32 cm

yarn: acrylic

price: 40 RON
can be made in a large variety of colours.

please allow 4 days for processing.


long, soft, warm, colourful and stripped: what's not to like?! usually used for blankets, i decided to use the zig-zag pattern to make this extra-long, extra-comfy scarf. it can be worn loosely around the neck, or wrapped around once or twice, making it perfect as an accessory both for fall, but also for the cold days of winter.

it can also be worn as a hoodie:

length: 180 cm
width: approx. 35 cm

yarn: acrylic

price: 80 RON

can be custom made to other sizes and/ or colours
please allow 10 - 14 days for processing.


ah, peter pan collars ! an easy way to make an outfit feminine, preppy and downright pretty. it's currently my favourite feature in a dress or shirt. so why not have a detachable collar at hand?

size: can be custom made to sit tighter or more loosely around the neck

yarn: cotton thread.
it can be made in a thinner type of yarn for a delicate look, or in a thicker yarn, for an edgier feel.

price: 35 RON

please allow 4 days for processing!


a pair of nice, cozy mittens. the main part was crocheted, the band around the wrist was knitted, and the two cute reindeers were embroided. definetly my most complex piece so far, but it made for a very special gift.

dimensions: custom made to fit each hand

yarn: acrylic 

price: 60 RON

can be made in (almost) any size and colour. please allow 10 days for processing.

September 17, 2012

a dash of yellow.

consisting of a scarf and a crocheted band, this is one of the most versatile pieces: it can be worn loosely wrapped around the shoulders, as a cowl, but also as a tie or as a cute bow.

the scarf can be also sold with bands in other colours, so that you can easily change the look of the scarf and match it with different outfits - nothing prettier than a dash of yellow with a splash of colour!
approx. length: 85 cm
approx. width: 30 cm

yarn: acrylic

price: 65 RON, 5 RON each for the additional bands

can be custom made to (almost) any size and colour. please allow 6-8 days for processing.

if we are on the subject of versatility, check out this blog to follow the creative challenge of Sheena Matheiken, who decided to wear one dress for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion and also to support a humanitarian cause: 

September 10, 2012


a pretty pink, thick cowl, perfect to lighten up your gloomy day and keep you nice and warm.

length: 80 cm (approximately)
width: 40 cm

yarn: 100% wool

please allow 4 days for processing!

price : 40 RON