February 12, 2013


taaa-daaa: my first  animal - hat! (and my second attempt at a hat in general). this was made as a christmas present for a friend whose power animal is, well, the giraffe.

the pattern was loosely inspired from here

i made the beanie, added the flaps, the ears, the horns, the mouth and the eyes, then lined the inside with thinsulate material for extra warmth, extra softness and extra comfort.

what do you think about animal hats? would you wear one or do you think it is best (and only) fitted for people below the age of 12?

i wasn't a fan myself, but somehow it grew on me...this gave me the courage to venture myself to try other animals! fox or owl would be my next bet. or maybe a cat?!

size: can be made to fit (almost) any head

yarn: acrylic; lining: thinsulate; plastic buttons;

price: since you cannot put a price on a present to a friend, i will not disclose :) . please ask me directly if you are interested! we can work on a design for your own power animal together!

please allow about 10 days for processing!

February 11, 2013


please welcome my mustache - scraf! i decided to do my own interpretation of the mustache trend that has been circling around the internet lately.

i basically took a mustache template i found on the internet, cut the shape from some scraps of fabric i had lying around, hand stiched them and then hand sew the mustache to the cowl and ... voilà!

what do you think? are you bold enough to wear a 'stache?

size: approx 45 x 32 cm

yarn: acrylic; mustache made from fabric

price: 40 RON

please allow around 5 days for processing!

February 10, 2013


so, this is my biggest crochet project so far! it's something i worked on during the christmas holiday. i used about 5 skeins of a wool - acrylic blend and even though the work did not go very smoothly (i  undid the whole thing when i was half way through), i can say it was pretty quick, considering the fact that we're talking about a sweater here!

this was also my first experience with a no. 10 hook and let me tell you, it's hard for me to go back :). before, my trusted hook was a no. 5.5, with which i crocheted most of the stuff on this blog, and i thought the size was perfect for the texture and speed i wanted. looking at it now, the 5.5 seems so small to me. so much so, that i still have to finish a shawl i have started working on earlier with said hook and it seems so tedious :). it's funny how perspective shifts.
so, i have made two more crocheted pieces with my no. 10 hook (more on that a little bit later, i seem to be behind posts and photographs) and i can honestly say i love working with this size of a hook. for those of you who crochet, do you have a favourite size hook?

this is not an item for sale, but i'm proud of it and wanted to show it off here. (maybe i will make some for the shop, i'm having some second thoughts since it takes quite a lot of time and yarn to finish one).

size: it's actually a 100 x 88 cm rectangle

yarn: 75% wool, 25% acrylic (turkish brand of yarn)

January 06, 2013

(now and) wow!

source and directions to the store: here

you can now find some of my creations for sale in the wonderful store now & wow. i am so unbelievably pround and happy that someone thinks my stuff is actually worth displaying and selling! {gloat}
if you go check it out, let me know what you think!

December 01, 2012

le col claudine.

remember my last collar? i mentioned there that a thicker thread makes for an edgier look. well, i thought i would put this into practice, so here it is:

and the back:

here i'm wearing a dress, but it would also look good over a white shirt or even a t-shirt or a thin sweater.

another pretty button:

size: can be custom made to sit tighter or more loosely around the neck.
other colours available - feel free to ask.
yarn: acrylic.
it can be made in a thinner type of yarn for a delicate look, or in a thicker yarn, for a rougher feel.

price: 35 RON

please allow 4 days for processing! 

* if you care to read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Pan_collar.


another variation of the classical scarf. the nautical feel is given by the navy color and the three golden buttons.
i love it how well placed details make all the difference in the world!

length: approx. 55 cm
width: approx. 32 cm

yarn: acrylic

price: 40 RON

can be custom made to other sizes and/or colours.
please allow 4 days for processing!
speaking of anchors:

buttons and broken lines.

this scarf is a variantion of an older pattern, but this time i decided to use one colour and close it with buttons instead.
the pattern is a lot more subtle here, but also more charming, as it feels as though it is "revealing" itself to you.


i also like the buttons, with their delicate flower - motif:

you can wear the scarf buttoned-up, or you can leave some of them unbuttoned:

also, what is with me and all this pink (also seen here and here)?!  i seem to be more and more drawn to use this color for scarves.

length: approx. 50 cm
width: approx. 32 cm

yarn: acrylic

price: 40 RON

can be custom made to other sizes and/or colours.
please allow 7 days for processing!