December 01, 2012

buttons and broken lines.

this scarf is a variantion of an older pattern, but this time i decided to use one colour and close it with buttons instead.
the pattern is a lot more subtle here, but also more charming, as it feels as though it is "revealing" itself to you.


i also like the buttons, with their delicate flower - motif:

you can wear the scarf buttoned-up, or you can leave some of them unbuttoned:

also, what is with me and all this pink (also seen here and here)?!  i seem to be more and more drawn to use this color for scarves.

length: approx. 50 cm
width: approx. 32 cm

yarn: acrylic

price: 40 RON

can be custom made to other sizes and/or colours.
please allow 7 days for processing!

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