February 12, 2013


taaa-daaa: my first  animal - hat! (and my second attempt at a hat in general). this was made as a christmas present for a friend whose power animal is, well, the giraffe.

the pattern was loosely inspired from here

i made the beanie, added the flaps, the ears, the horns, the mouth and the eyes, then lined the inside with thinsulate material for extra warmth, extra softness and extra comfort.

what do you think about animal hats? would you wear one or do you think it is best (and only) fitted for people below the age of 12?

i wasn't a fan myself, but somehow it grew on me...this gave me the courage to venture myself to try other animals! fox or owl would be my next bet. or maybe a cat?!

size: can be made to fit (almost) any head

yarn: acrylic; lining: thinsulate; plastic buttons;

price: since you cannot put a price on a present to a friend, i will not disclose :) . please ask me directly if you are interested! we can work on a design for your own power animal together!

please allow about 10 days for processing!

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