February 10, 2013


so, this is my biggest crochet project so far! it's something i worked on during the christmas holiday. i used about 5 skeins of a wool - acrylic blend and even though the work did not go very smoothly (i  undid the whole thing when i was half way through), i can say it was pretty quick, considering the fact that we're talking about a sweater here!

this was also my first experience with a no. 10 hook and let me tell you, it's hard for me to go back :). before, my trusted hook was a no. 5.5, with which i crocheted most of the stuff on this blog, and i thought the size was perfect for the texture and speed i wanted. looking at it now, the 5.5 seems so small to me. so much so, that i still have to finish a shawl i have started working on earlier with said hook and it seems so tedious :). it's funny how perspective shifts.
so, i have made two more crocheted pieces with my no. 10 hook (more on that a little bit later, i seem to be behind posts and photographs) and i can honestly say i love working with this size of a hook. for those of you who crochet, do you have a favourite size hook?

this is not an item for sale, but i'm proud of it and wanted to show it off here. (maybe i will make some for the shop, i'm having some second thoughts since it takes quite a lot of time and yarn to finish one).

size: it's actually a 100 x 88 cm rectangle

yarn: 75% wool, 25% acrylic (turkish brand of yarn)

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